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Door gets new life as dining room table

We bought a condo, our first home and we haven't had a dining room table in a very long time. We were also limited on how much money we had because home ownership is not cheap.

We went to the UNC surplus and noticed they had all these huge doors in the back and they were cheap. We paid 10 dollars and had picked it up the day we were moving to our new place so we could use the uHaul being this door is super huge and super heavy. We then went to our local Lowes and bought metal pipe, flanges and caps. A bottle of rubber coating *which is some seriously cool stuff*. Then back home to assemble the monster.

Ended up we bought legs way too long. We should have measured first so after 3 trips back to the store we got the right size (well close enough to it)

This is the over all table, it's up on spacers because we did not have time to do it correctly before thanksgiving and jack the table up the correct height of 28 inches.

There is a glass panel in the door, we left the sign that was on it when we bought it because it makes me laugh.

Another view

Pipe legs with flange and cap. Notice the black rubber coating, we did that so it wouldn't mark up the floor when they put the wood floor in.

This table will seat 10 but being I'm limited on the funds I could only afford 6 chairs.

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That is so cute and clever. You rule!
I love it!